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Why we care

There is a knowledge gap...

13% of all respondents, and just 16% of business owners, have 'Advanced' digital skills for operating technology that promotes sustainable business

A deployment gap...

A vast majority of cleantech companies are 6 years old or less, meaning many will be entering their deployment stage in the coming decade

And an emission gap...

According to the IPCC scenarios, we are not on track to get anywhere near the emission reduction goals outlined without a significant change in innovation and deployment

What we do to help

Cleantech's salesforce

Deployment operations and support from lead generation to deal close

Procedures and Playbooks

Building the backend to get deployments out effectively and efficiently

And whatever else is needed to GSD

Including: go to market strategy; policy analysis; and financial modeling

Our Team

Ben Margolis

Ben is an experienced renewable energy professional with over a decade of experience in both developing and constructing large, utility-scale renewable energy projects. Ben has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from small-scale behind the meter applications to large utility-scale projects.

Max Melnick
Senior Associate

Max has been in clean energy consulting since 2019 on projects ranging from the development and implementation of renewable gas strategy to the integration of green IT infrastructure alongside renowned utility and consulting partners.